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Where are the products manufactured?
Our products are manufactured right here in Lower Bavaria. This allows us to ensure comprehensive control over quality and processing, which enables us to guarantee our customers first-class quality at first hand. In addition, we mainly use raw materials from Germany. We bake traditionally and naturally.
Where do the freeze-dried meat and fish come from?
The meat comes from German production and is then processed and freeze-dried in a family business in northern Germany. With the exception of the tuna, fish and prawns, which are produced in a small factory in Latvia.
I am dissatisfied with the product who can I contact?
If you have any questions, you can contact us by email at service@rina-snaxperts.de. For urgent matters, you can also call our service hotline on 0800 9886058. We are always happy to answer your questions or give you additional tips!
From what age can I feed your snacks to my dog?
Our baked snacks are suitable for your dog from 6 months of age. However, we do not recommend feeding them to puppies from an early age. The freeze-dried meat and dried fish can be given as a snack from the age of 4 months. Please note that our products are not suitable as sole feed. We recommend determining the amount and duration of feeding in consultation with your vet, as the individual needs of each dog vary.
Which raw materials do you use?
The meat, fruit, vegetables and all other raw materials used in our snacks meet the highest quality standards and are even of food quality. Transparency is important to us: we do not use any additives or fillers. Just like for ourselves, we want to offer our beloved pets only the best.
What is the gluten-free mix?
Our base for almost all snack recipes consists of a high proportion of coconut flour and potato flakes. Our products are consistently gluten- and grain-free.
Why do you use freeze-dried meat?
Freeze-drying is the gentlest way of preserving meat over a period of around 24 months. This preserves all nutrients such as vitamins and minerals as well as characteristic properties. During the freeze-drying process, all water is removed from the products by freezing and subsequent vacuuming. This gives the meat in our snacks a particularly high fresh meat content.
What is a rumen broth?
If you already have experience with traditional baking, you may be familiar with the classic scald. This preliminary stage of dough preparation forms one of the bases for our snack recipes. However, we do not use any cereal products or other gluten-containing materials. Instead, we use our gluten-free mixture, dried rumen meal and water. These ingredients are boiled together and then left to swell. The resulting rumen broth gives our snacks an improved texture and authentic taste.
What are the benefits of coconut flour and coconut oil?
Our organic coconut flour is made from the dried and de-oiled flesh of the coconut. It is rich in fiber, protein and healthy fats. In contrast, our extra virgin coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCTs), which are considered 'good fats' and can be easily digestible for dogs. It is often prized for its potential health benefits, such as improving skin and coat health, supporting the immune system and aiding digestion.
What does krill do in food?
The tiny crustaceans from the Antarctic are not only an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, but also contain the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin, natural choline and delicious marine proteins. Our use of krill meal and krill oil as products provides comprehensive health support for animals. These two products have a positive effect on the skin and coat, liver, joints, brain, heart and immune system. Scientific studies underpin the positive effects of krill products. In addition, the krill fishery in the Antarctic is certified and is one of the most sustainable in the world.
What is spirulina?
Spirulina is a blue-green microalgae that is also used as a dietary supplement for humans. It is characterized by a high content of essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is similar for dogs - they benefit from the same advantages of this algae when it is used in its pure form as a food supplement. The algae has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is a valuable source of proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Why do you use rumen?
The rumen is the first section of the four stomachs of ruminants. Dried rumen serves as a natural source of nutrients, enzymes and probiotics. These ingredients can help promote digestion, intestinal health, the immune system and dental health in dogs.
How does aronia berry work?
Aronia berries are naturally rich in antioxidants, fiber and vitamins, making them a good addition to a dog's diet. They can be considered as an occasional snack or as part of a balanced dog diet.
Why oven-baked?
Our snacks are baked in the oven at a gentle heat to preserve the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals as much as possible. This step is of central importance in the manufacturing process, as it ensures that the use of high-quality raw materials in the product unfolds its full benefits. This allows your dog to benefit optimally from all the ingredients.
Are your snacks soft?
Absolutely! Our treats have been specially developed to be enjoyed by dogs of all types - regardless of their size, age or breed. We also have many years of experience with short-nosed or brachycephalic breeds in our own household. For this reason, we pay particular attention to the consistency of our snacks. The only exception to this are the gluten-containing and gluten-free bones, which we offer as a classic variant of the treats. They are deliberately baked to be crunchy.
Why do you use brewer's yeast?
Brewer's yeast is rich in a variety of important nutrients that can have a positive effect on dogs' health. The skin and coat of dogs in particular can benefit from its advantages, and it can also be used for skin problems such as eczema, rashes or lichen. Due to its content of all B-complex vitamins, it acts as a catalyst for improved health and supports important metabolic processes. Brewer's yeast has also proven to be a proven remedy for gastrointestinal and liver problems.
Do you use alternativ protein sources or also vegan?
Of course, we do not exclude any gourmets. Within our bar product line, we offer a meat-free variant that contains only high-quality insect meal. This flour is obtained in Germany from dried mealworm larvae. Production takes place in a specially designed facility and we completely avoid the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. The yellow mealworm is not only an excellent source of protein, but is also rich in vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals such as calcium, zinc and iron. As with our other products, we only use the best ingredients in our vegan bar variant - just not of animal origin.
Are the sprouted grains in the vegan bar gluten-free?
In fact, this part of the grain is gluten-free, as gluten is only found in the endosperm. However, when separating the flour kernel and the sprouts in the mill, absolute separation of 100% cannot be guaranteed. It is therefore possible that the sprouted grains may contain traces of gluten - but only in minimal quantities. So don't worry about your four-legged friend, even if he is sensitive to products containing cereals or gluten.
My dog is diabetic, can I still give the snacks?
Our snacks are completely safe for your diabetic dog, as the sugar content in the products comes exclusively from the natural fructose in the fruit. Apart from this, our snacks do not contain any other sources of sugar.
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