About us

Our family has been running a traditional grain mill in Lower Bavaria for 90 years and, as master bakers, we know the processing of raw materials in baking processes down to the last detail. 
We are enthusiastic breeders and owners of English Bulldogs and have gained a great deal of experience with this and other dog breeds when it comes to the nutrition of sensitive animals.
Our passion for traditional craftsmanship, the respectful use of natural products and the species-appropriate treatment of our pets has led us to develop a new product! 
We bake healthy animal snacks from high-quality raw materials in a gentle way.

Our brand stands for transforming important knowledge of traditional craftsmanship into contemporary, sustainable and future-oriented products. 
We act with full respect for people and animals as part of the environment that surrounds us. 
Their preservation for future generations is the core of our activity.

Standing still is not an option for us; we are and remain open to innovation and new findings and have the expertise to translate these into our product range. Our products are valuable, healthy and sustainable. They are fully nutritious for the animals and an important part of their daily diet, and our range is tailored to their needs and satisfies them in a sustainable and varied way. Our production is locally based and makes extensive use of raw materials and resources from the region. We stand behind every ingredient in our products, know where it comes from and what benefits it has for the animal.our snacks are not in a hurry. They are baked gently and therefore retain 100% of the good quality and nutrients originally present in the ingredients. Our snacks are a real reward because they promote the health and satisfaction of the animal.

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