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1. Breed and Needs:
Each dog breed has individual needs in terms of exercise, care, diet, and social interaction. Therefore, it's recommended to choose a breed that harmonizes with your lifestyle and capabilities. Research the characteristic traits of individual breeds.

2. Size Considerations:
The size of the dog impacts the amount of space needed and the suitable activities. Carefully consider whether you have enough room for a large dog or if a smaller breed is better suited to your current living situation.

3. Time and Commitment:
Dogs require a lot of time and attention. Consider whether you have enough time for daily walks, training, grooming, and play. If you have to regularly leave your dog alone for extended periods due to work commitments, it's important to carefully think about whether this situation is manageable. Your dog is both physically and emotionally dependent on you, and it may suffer greatly if repeatedly left alone for extended periods.

4. Financial Commitment:
The financial expenditures for a dog go beyond the initial purchase costs. You should also anticipate expenses for food, veterinary costs, vaccinations, grooming products, and potentially dog training and insurance. It's prudent to get a realistic overview of your financial situation. This way, you can ensure that you can provide everything your faithful companion needs and deserves in the future.

5. Vet Visits and Health Care:
Regular vet visits are important to keep an eye on the health of your dog and to carry out preventative measures like vaccinations and deworming.

6. Training and Socialization:
Dogs need training to behave appropriately in your home and society. Additionally, careful socialization is essential to avoid aggressive behavior or fears.

7. Allergies and Health Problems:
Remember to consider possible allergies within your family and inform yourself about possible health problems that can occur in specific dog breeds.

8. Support System:
Consider whether you can rely on support from family, friends, or professional dog trainers if you need help caring for your dog, for example, while you are on vacation.

9. Dog from Shelter or Breeder:
Adoption from a shelter often provides a wonderful opportunity to give a dog a new home. If you choose to work with a breeder, research carefully to ensure they operate ethically and responsibly.

Tips from an Experienced Breeder in the Dog Industry

First and foremost, it's extremely important not to acquire a dog impulsively or on a whim. The integration of a new animal into your life or your family involves significant change. The pet has now established itself as another family member and for many owners, it even has the importance of their own child.

Once you've made the decision and already have a particular breed in mind, you can get started. If you don't have acquaintances in your environment that can recommend a breeder based on their own experience, it's time to start your own research. Learn about established breeders (for example, in the VDH) in your area and check whether you like the dogs from their breeding. There's also the option of choosing a breeder from abroad if you're willing to accept longer trips. Once you've decided on a breeder, inquire whether they currently have a litter and still have puppies available, or whether they're planning another litter in the future.

Before making a binding decision, either by phone or online, it's highly recommended to have a face-to-face meeting with the breeder. This step is important as on the internet, for instance, on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, many things can be represented more beautifully or even manipulated. A personal visit allows you to cast your own eyes on the breeders and their circumstances. How are the dogs and puppies kept? Is the environment clean and tidy? How do the breeders handle their dogs? Are the dogs open and outgoing there or do they seem rather intimidated?

There are several aspects to pay attention to but if you have a positive impression and feel good about the process, nothing stands in the way of purchasing your new family member.

A dog can be a loyal and loving companion, but it is also a serious commitment. It requires a lot of time and energy to provide her with a happy and healthy life. So before you make the decision to purchase a dog, you need to ensure that you are prepared to consider all of these factors.

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